Dawson's Mobile PC Services
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Tune Up Special : $50.00 (Flat Rate) Over time all computers slow down for various reasons. Removing Adware and unnecessary files will greatly increase performance.

Wireless Router : $130.00 - Install a wireless router to allow tangle free access to the internet and your network files and printers. Price includes only one wireless router & one wireless network adaptor. Additional cost will apply for more adaptors.

Wireless Security Audit : $50.00 - Already have a Wireless network? Is it secure? If your wireless network in your home or business isn't properly secured With WEP or WAP you are inviting War Drivers to drive up and connect to your network. We will examine your network and implement the proper security settings to allow worry free use of your Wireless network.

DVD Recorder Drive :$100.00 - Install a DVD Writer so you can backup your data, make audio CD's, Make family photo CD's, DVD's, and much more. Includes Nero Ultra Edition software.

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