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Web Site Custom Additions

Email Address Protection & Contact Us Pages

Let us Design and Host your custom made CGI pages and scripts. Have a "Contact Us" page on your website that allows your visitors to email you from any computer they are on not just their computer. Your site right now probably has some email us link that points to a email address that when clicked opens the users default email client. That is a bad idea for many reasons.

1. Your email address is embedded in the HTML code of the site and can easily be harvested by automated email address extracting software. Once harvested your spam level increases.

2. Opening up the computers default email client such as Outlook isn't a good idea if they use web based email and or if they are using someone else's PC.

We can create a page or modify your current page to hide your email address from email harvesters and still allow your visitors to email you quickly without any other software such as their email client. They can also use any computer. See our own Contact Us page for an example.


Create Custom Web Forms

Have us create custom web forms to collect information, collect orders etc. Click here for some examples.